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“Bunch of Hookers & Cocaine” Is What This Man Will Buy With Powerball Lottery Winnings

According to the website USA Mega, if someone wins the jackpot (your numbers have to match all 5 white balls PLUS the red Powerball),...

Live Stream: TIDAL X 10/20 Concert ft. Jay Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne & More

TIDAL is celebrating a major milestone tonight! https://twitter.com/S_C_/status/648891212317921280 After reaching one million subscribers, the music/entertainment streaming service is hosting a benefit concert called "TIDAL x 10/20,"...

Michael Bay Has An Epic Meltdown, Storms Off Stage At CES

World-renown action filmmaker Michael Bay is making a TON of press today for all the wrong reasons after he freaked out on stage during...

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