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Jon Stewart Has Been Blasting the “Zebra Queef” Republicans All Week Over Government Shutdown

Our favorite person on TV Jon Stewart has been letting the Republicans HAVE IT all week on the "Daily Show." After a three-month absence, Jon...

An Open Letter to Jon Stewart, Regarding John Oliver

Dear Jon, Hope the Middle East is treating you well. So much has happened since you left. The NSA's been all up in everyone's business,...

Jon Stewart Points Out Nancy Grace’s Sick Love of Jodi Arias Murder

On Thursday's episode of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart pointed out something that has been obvious for quite some time ... Nancy Grace gets...

Jon Stewart Says Mitt Romney is “Getting Dumber” as Election Approaches [VIDEO]

On the "Daily show," Jon Stewart premiered a new segment called "Barack Obama is the luckiest dude on the planet." Stewart said that President Obama...

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