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Kanye West’s Skirt at 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert Has Everyone Talking

Kanye West wore a leather skirt while performing during last night's "12-12-12" Hurricane Sandy benefit concert in New York City, and just about everyone...

Stupid Hoe: Brazilian Model Thinks Hurricane-Stricken New York Is The Perfect Photo Op

This is what happens when you watch one too many episodes of "America's Next Top Model." A desperate Brazilian model by the name of...

NBA Commissioner David Stern Mistakenly Calls Hurricane Sandy “Hurricane Katrina” (VIDEO)

Well, this is pretty awkward. NBA Commissioner David Stern just made the worst mix up of his career during the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat...

Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Pushing Towards 40; Millions Without Power on United States East Coast

Despite being downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm late Monday (Oct 29), when Sandy hit ... she hit HARD, leaving a devastating...

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