Tag: hate

Anti-Gay Mother’s Day Protester Gets Slushie Thrown In Her Face

An anti-gay protester used Mother's Day to spread a message of hate at a busy intersection and ended up getting a slushie thrown at...

Fred Phelps’ Estranged Son Nate Mourns the Man His Father Could Have Been

Fred Phelps, the controversial, unstable cult leader who started a hateful organization (they call themselves a "church," but we will call them an "organization")...

Americans Hate Justin Bieber, Love Them Some Adele

Hate to break it to all you Beliebers out there, but according to a music-oriented poll from Public Policy Polling, apparently ... Americans hate...

Everybody Loves Writing About Hating Anne Hathaway

Somewhere between starring in "The Princess Diaries" and wining an Oscar for her role as the doomed prostitute Fantine in "Les Miserables," Anne Hathaway...

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