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ULTIMATE FAIL: Fox News and CNN Rush to Be First to Report on ObamaCare Ruling, and Get It WRONG

Doh! (Homer Simpson voice) CNN and Fox News lost major credibility points Thursday (Jun 28) when they wrongly reported on the Supreme Court's ruling of...

Geraldo Rivera from Fox News Says Trayvon Martin was Shot and Killed Because He was Wearing a Hoodie [VIDEO]

Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera is under fire for making a controversial statement last Friday during a discussion on "Fox and Friends" about the...

Fox News Blasts Spongebob Squarepants for “Pushing a Global Warming Agenda” [VIDEO]

Fox News really needs to find a chair and have a seat for this one: Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson aren't big fans of "SpongeBob...

Sarah Palin Lands New Gig at FOX … Obama Beware

If one former Alaskan governor has her way, she just may be the next person, and the first woman, to become President of these...

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