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Man Who Overdosed on Meth in Hotel Room With Florida Politician Andrew Gillum Is a Gay Porn Star & Escort

Gillum, a former mayor of Tallahassee, was found vomiting and intoxicated with a man named Travis Dyson (aka Brodie Scott), who reportedly identifies himself as a "pornstar performer."

Texas Jury Acquits Man Who Shot & Killed Escort Because She Wouldn’t Have Sex with Him

A man who shot and killed an escort because she refused to have sex with him was found "not guilty" of murder charges Wednesday...

“Aggressive” Prostitute Tries to Eat Man’s Penis, Then Growls and Snarls At Arresting Officers Like An Animal

This story is almost a month old ... but who cares? THIS SH*T IS NUTS! (No pun intended) A prostitute -- who probably calls herself...

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