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Why Are These Beyonce Concert Tickets So Damn Expensive?

The only thing harder to find than the lost city of Atlantis these days is a ticket to one of Beyonce's concerts. Mrs. Carter hasn't...

One Direction Fan Who Hit Harry Styles in the Crotch Says She “Never Meant To Hurt” Him

The concert goer who hit Harry Styles in the crotch has apologized. On Tuesday night, the One Direction singer was performing in Glasgow, Scotland...

Kanye West Performs In Abu Dhabi Concert Wearing Straitjacket

Kanye West has performed wearing masks made of feathers and crystals, and he's even performed multiple times wearing a leather skirt, so it's only...

Kanye West Dons Masks Made of Feathers and Crystals for Atlantic City Show

Kanye West is known for his overly eccentric fashion choices, so it's not at all surprising that he decided to push the fashion envelope...

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