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Omarion Says He Now Believes Raz-B Was Molested, Possibly By B2K Manager Chris Stokes: “Something Traumatic Has Definitely Happened”

While Raz-B's B2K bandmates have previously denied allegations that he was molested by their former manager Chris Stokes, Omarion now believes there may be some truth to matter after witnessing Raz's behavior during their reunion tour earlier this year.

Bow Wow Defends His Manhood & Tells Raz B to Shut the Eff Up + Quindon Tarver Says He Didn’t Know Raz B was Recording Him on the Phone

Earlier this week, former B2K member Raz B made an appearance on Charlamagne The God's Sirius XM Satellite Radio show to continue his "molestation...

Raz B Talks to Quindon Tarver About Marques Houston/Chris Stokes Rape Allegations

In this recently released video, former B2K member Raz B has a phone conversation with Quindon Tarver, another singer who claims to have been...

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