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Caitlyn Jenner Wants to Hire a Surrogate to Have a Baby With Her 22-Year-Old Trans Girlfriend (Report)

While we all knew Caitlyn Jenner was a bit of a late bloomer, who knew that she was still hoping to birth newborn babies as she approaches her 70s?

Bruce Jenner’s Sons Brody & Brandon Blame Kris Jenner for His Plastic Surgery Addiction?

Brody and Brandon Jenner -- Bruce Jenner's adult sons with his second wife Linda -- are reportedly blaming their stepmom Kris Jenner for introducing...

Bruce Jenner Doesn’t Want To Be A Woman, He’s Just Addicted To Plastic Surgery (Report)

WHAT THE FAWK IS GOING ON WITH BRUCE JENNER, YOU GUYS? Last December, TMZ broke a story about Bruce Jenner electing to have a surgical...

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