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D-Bag of the Week: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Harasses Amanda Knox About “Freaky Sex Stuff”

Amanda Knox has been repeatedly vilified by the media because she was (gasp!) sexually active. The press, especially the Italian press, just couldn't grasp...

Amanda Knox Headed Back Home After Being Acquitted of Murder Charges

Amanda Knox is making her way back home to America today after being acquitted of serious murder charges yesterday in Italy. Amanda has spent the...

Amanda Knox Guilty Conviction Overturned!

Amanda Knox has got to be the happiest woman on earth right now! An Italian court overturned her murder convictions in the 2007 slaying of...

Jailed Italian Mobster Says He Can Prove Amanda Knox is Innocent!

An Italian mobster currently serving time behind bars says that he can prove that American student Amanda Knox, along with her former boyfriend and...

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