50 Cent says he has the cure for coronavirus, and for the right price, he can get you the hookup.

In a video he just posted on Instagram, 50 shows off a pair of black shades he recently copped and says he is channeling Migos rapper Quavo.

“I’m on my New York sh*t. Got on my joints you see, I’m channeling Quavo,” he says in the clip.

50 then walks through his luxurious dining room and pulls out a bottle of Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate Tablets, which he says is the cure to the coronavirus, according to President Trump.



“This right here is the cure for the coronavirus according to Trump. So as soon as he said that, I had to get me some,” 50 said.

50 went on to add that if anyone needs the cure he can maybe get his hands on it for them, but it’s going to cost them some big bucks.

“Now if you need some help maybe I can make a phone call,” he said. “I’m tapped in baby so imma get what I got to get.”


50 also posted in the comments, saying he’s going to give the pills to Kevin Durant tomorrow.

Durant announced earlier this week that he tested positive for coronavirus. Not sure if he is going to be too fond of 50 Cent’s offer for help.

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