It seems like every other day social media comes up with a brand new meme that has the whole Internet joining in on the fun.

Just like last week, everybody and they mama was posting the “Woman Yelling At a Cat” memes, which were literally to die for.

Now it looks like everyone is over the hilarious “Woman vs. Cat” memes and has moved on to the “I’m gonna tell my kids” memes.

And when I say these will have you rolling on the floor, face full of tears and in extreme abdominal pain … the pettiness and disrespect with these memes are next level!

The meme was created as a joke about the lies we will tell our kids about who famous celebrities and historical figures are.

Check them out below:

This is where things started to get really petty…

I almost died at this one…

And last but certainly not least…

LMAOOOOOOOOO! Social media went in on these, real talk!

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