These fans ain’t loyal.

Due to production issues, Nicki Minaj had to cancel a sold-out concert in Bordeaux, France Saturday night (Mar. 9).

The rapper said in an Instagram video that the venue didn’t have enough electricity in the building to support her stage setup and its theatrics.

Nicki reportedly ran into the same issue last month at another European show, which she had to cancel as well, but she said she planned to make up both shows.

Now you would think that her fans would react with compassion and understanding … but that didn’t happen in France.

Video footage posted on social media shows thousands of French Barbs (Nicki’s fans) chanting “Cardi B! Cardi B!” after a man steps on stage and tells them that they will have to go home because the show was canceled.

The above tweet translates to: “Nicki Minaj fat f*cking bitch, after 2 hours and 30 minutes of waiting she cancels her concert tonight in Bordeaux.”

YIKES. The Bardi Gang would never.

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