It’s been just under seven months since Barack Obama walked out of the White House as the sitting President of the United States. And because we desperately miss him more and more every day, Twitter celebrated Obama’s birthday (and legacy) with, what else, a hashtag!

Barack Obama turned 56 years old today (Fri, Aug. 4). Many users on Twitter honored the former (or current for those of us who refuse to acknowledge 45) president’s birthday by declaring the day #ObamaDay. Using the trending hashtag, many shared photos, memes, and GIFs of their favorite Obama memories, moments, and quotes.

#ObamaDay was first created by April Reign on election day in 2016. Reign is also responsible for creating #OscarsSoWhite.

While there is no official Obama Day, Illinois and Delaware legislatures have both pushed to designate Obama’s birthday as such. Since 2008, Kenya actually does celebrate Obama Day on the second Monday in November. Obama’s father was born in the African country.

Since 2017 was the inaugural for #ObamaDay, let’s make sure we make it an annual celebration. Thanks, Obama!

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