If you don’t know by now, Gilbert Arenas is basically incapable of not being a dick. The former NBA player has once again criticized Lupita Nyong’o because of her dark skin complexion.

The insanely beautiful Oscar-winning actress recently posted a picture of herself gleaming in the middle of the ocean while vacationing in Mexico. But, of course, Arenas just couldn’t let her be happy. He (again) felt the need to comment on Nyong’o’s skin, which he has expressed is too dark for his liking.

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Someone on Instagram baited the former Washington Wizard in commenting on Nyong’o’s picture. Gilbert “no.chill.gil” Arenas replied:

“everybody saying her (skin) looks beautiful. How about her face tho?? Lights off”


Arenas must have gotten dragged in the comments section for making the rude, idiotic statement because the guy with “no chill” responded with a second comment. He doubled-down on his belief that dark skin isn’t beautiful, and compared Nyong’o to an “ugly girl with a fat ass.”

“Y’all tag me like she got a face lift and she went from a 3 to a 10….. Nope she’s just a 3 in blue water with some blue blockers on. This is no diff then a ugly girl with a fat ass…. I’ll still beat but just with the lights off.”

Arenas first shamed Nyong’o and other dark-skinned women in April. In response to a meme that was intended to uplift dark-skinned women, Arenas claimed that its hard find a woman that is beautiful and “Tyrese black.” He namechecked Nyong’o and a few other celebrities but stated they’re only “cute when the lights are off.”

After being dragged on social media, he offered a half-ass apology, claiming he misinterpreted the meme. But added, “And as for Lupita she ain’t cute to me sorry.”

Gilbert Arenas is the lowest of the low. He is clearly not only a self-hating black man, but a self-hating dark-skinned black man, who is also raising four dark-skinned children, including two girls.

Maybe he’s just butt-hurt that Lupita Nyong’o is way out of his league and he’ll never be in the presence of her #BlackGirlMagic.

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