It’s been a while since Maxwell came around, and now he’s back with his soothing ballad, “Lake by the Ocean.” Inspired by Rihanna, Maxwell opened his performance with a heavy rain downpour and an umbrella accessory. The smooth R&B tune soothed the audience and Maxwell deftly navigated the song with ease and comfort like an R&B master.

While his song “Lake by the Ocean” is perfectly pleasant, it was Maxwell’s cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” that really took it home. After Madonna butchered the song at the Billboard Awards, by performing the Sinead O’Connor version to boot, Maxwell’s cover was a redemption for Prince’s true fans.

If you’re looking for easy listening, and buttery smooth R&B vocals, Maxwell has got you covered. And Prince, undoubtedly thanks Maxwell from heaven above for finally doing his song justice.