Teyana Taylor is not here for your pranks or childish games.

The 25-year-old G.O.O.D. Music artist’s friend QueenzFlip recently learned a big lesson about what happens when you play too much with someone who just had a baby and isn’t in the mood for any fuckery.

For those who don’t know QueenzFlip, he is a viral Instagram star who has gained a following for his #FlipSongReactions, in which he sits in his car and goes completely batshit crazy to his favorite Hip Hop tracks.

Flip is also a good friend of Taylor’s fiance Iman Shumpert and recently offered to drive Teyana around and help her out with a few errands while Iman was at a game.

Before getting in the car, Teyana asked Flip to not pull one of his song reaction stunts. Flip verbally agreed to Teyana’s request, but did the prank anyway, which ended up spawning one of the most epic reactions we’re sure he has ever received.

As The Diplomat’s “Dipset Anthem” played in the car, Flip knocked Teyana’s phone out of her hand and ripped her shirt while screaming “Byyyrannnnn” — her famous line from Madea’s Big Happy Family.

This only caused Teyana to totally lose her cool and beat the living hell out of Flip, busting his lip pretty badly. And of course the whole thing was captured on camera.

After the incident, Teyana and Queenzflip both took to Instagram to give their take on what went down and it appears that they stay have mad love for each other.

Teyana posted on her IG:

“So this fool @iamqueenzflip was supposed to take me to my hair appointment, mind you!! ( My fiancé and I WARNED HIM ) not the pull none of his crazy pranks or shenanigans when I got in the car, he promised he WOULDN’T but he did anyway smh and this was the outcome. ? I love you to death flip but u play toOooooo fuckin much. I’m a mother & I don’t have time for ur childish games!!! I don’t play when it comes to my hair and my kid. ?? oh and I’m #sorryNOTsorry about ur lip ??”

Queenzflip posted:

“??? So my bro Shump had a game so I volunteered to bring @teyanataylor around to do some errands , 1st she wanted to get her hair done & I know she has a lot going on and my niece Junie is her #1 priority so I wanted to help and play my part but before she got in the car she made me Promise her I won’t act a fool but I couldn’t help it. WHEN THE DIPSET ANTHEM COME ON I GO CRAZY … …. She bust the side of my mouth , I bit my tongue & Cheek ?????? IM SORRY TEYANA I LOVE YOU SIS,

Can’t say ole buddy didn’t ask for it. Never play with a woman who just dropped a load. NEVER!!

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