On the promo trail for her new movie “Paper Towns,” British actress Cara Delevingne sat down for a guest appearance on “Good Day Sacramento” the morning after the final premiere for the film, but she and the morning show hosts just could not play nice with each other.

Things likely got off to a bad start when one of the anchors mistakenly called her “Carla,” and everything just went downhill from there.

Delevingne was asked if she’d ever read the book the movie is based on, and she snarkily replied, “No, I never read the book or the script. I just winged it.”

Another co-host interrupted to ask if she had a problem, or if just was “just exhausted” from the premiere the night before.

The anchors then commented on how she was clearly unenthused to be in their presence, which was a stark comparison to other interviews she’s conducted.

“Maybe I had a bit more energy. It’s the morning,” Cara quipped, adding that this particular interview was being done right after the movie’s final premiere, which she described as “emotional.”

Another anchor told Cara that she seemed “irritated” and said “Perhaps it’s just us,” to which Delevingne replied, “No, I think it’s just you.”

Seemingly feeling offended, at that point, the same woman that said Cara seemed irritated said, “Well, on that note, we’ll let you go then. How about that? We’ll let you go take a little nap and maybe get a Red Bull, how about that?” as her co-anchors laughed with her.

A clearly annoyed Cara basically scoffed at them with her eyes and then the producers cut her live feed.

After the interview was cut short, the hosts made several comments expressing their frustration with the actress and her “attitude.”

But, honestly? It really seemed like they were baiting her to get those reactions, and they ganged up on her because they felt like her energy level wasn’t up to their standards.

“You make $5 million for six weeks’ worth of work, you can pretend to talk to Good Day Sacramento with some oomph,” one of the anchors said.

Cara Delevingne later took to Twitter defending herself, saying that her British sense of humor and sarcasm were misunderstood by the American TV hosts.

“Paper Towns” is a teen romance film based on the novel by John Green. Here’s a synopsis for the movie:

Young and shy Quentin (Nat Wolff) is in for the night of his life when Margo (Cara Delevingne), the most popular student in high school, recruits him to help her play mischievous pranks on the friends who betrayed her.

The next day, however, the mysterious Margo is nowhere to be found. With help from a few buddies and some cryptic clues that she left behind, Quentin embarks on an obsessive mission to find the girl who stole his heart and made him feel truly alive.

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