A video on VH1.com shows the cast being a bit apprehensive about giving out their government names, but after a little teasing they eventually give in and reveal what’s listed on their birth certificates.

1“Walt” –> Walter Miller

Walt: I don’t have anything to hide, it’s Walter Miller. That’s it.

2“Sassy” –> Ashley Nicole Bermudez

Sassy: Most of you guys know me as “Sassy.” But my government name is Ashley Nicole Bermudez. And yes, I’m half Puerto Rican.

3“Ceaser” –> David Emmanuel

Ceaser: Y’all know me as “Ceaser.” But my real name is David Emmanuel… Oh that sounded white.

4“Puma” –> Paul Robinson

Puma: The world knows me as “Puma.” But my real name is Paul Robinson… I know!

5“Sky” –> Jakeita Days

Sky: Alright! I’m Jakeita Days.

6“Ted” –> Shariff Homer

Ted: First name Teddy. Last night Rux. It’s Teddy Rux, real name Shariff Homer. Dope.

7“O’Sh*t” –> Richard Duncan AKA D*ck Duncan AKA Big D*ck Duncan

O’Sh*t: Everybody may know me as “O’Sh*t.” But my real government name is Richard Duncan. AKA D*ck Duncan. AKA Big D*ck Duncan.

8“Quani” –> Shaquana Robinson

Quani: Everyone calls me “Quani,” but my real name is Shaquana Robinson.

9“Donna” –> Taylor Monet Pinkney

Donna: My real name? Okay. Taylor Monet Pinkney.

10“Dutchess” –> Cristana Lavielle Lattimore

Dutchess: You might know me as “Dutchess” from Black Ink Crew. But my mother named me Cristana Lavielle Lattimore… It’s French! I can’t help my mom’s Creole!

Watch these people and enjoy the fruits of their shenanigans Monday nights at 9pm/8c on VH1.

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