Keyshia Cole isn’t giving the goodies up to anybody anytime soon … NOT EVEN YOU, BIRDMAN.

The R&B singer revealed to fans on Instagram that she is taking a vow of celibacy.

According to Keyshia, she made the decision to be abstinent as a New Year’s resolution.

“The year I was signed, when I decided to drive to LA in search of change! I decided on celibacy! Went 10 months before any sexual activity! I’m back in that mind frame! Abstinence is what I decided before the new year! #CauseIDontHaveTime #5’2 #Shorty #LetItGo #EnoughOfNoLove #TrustAndBelieve #NextTime.”

We actually respect Keyshia Cole a lot for this. Maybe it will motivate some of these young girls to keep their panties on and stop “thotting” around every chance they get.