Chick-fil-A must allow their managers to sip on a lot of haterade, because one hatin’ azz manager has allegedly compiled a list of 21st century slang terms members of his staff are not allowed to use.

An employee took a photo of the list and posted it on Reddit: “I work at Chick-fil-a and Eric, our manager, is tired of our shit.”

We’re not sure if that’s grounds for a first amendment rights violation, but nevertheless, Eric the manager is apparently fed up with his staff (likely full of Internet-savvy, social media using, selfie-taking teens) using words/phrases like “bruh,” “bae,” “cuz,” “fam,” “ratchet,” “about a week ago,” “or naw”, “on fleek,” “I’m legally blind” and “P.O.P Hold it Dine.”

The list warns: “You will speak properly when you walk through these doors … You are a professional so speak professionally.”

Huh?!? … BARELY!


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