As part of their promo run for the third season of “Loiter Squad,” Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All crew were invited to BuzzFeed‘s office in New York City’s Flatiron district on Wednesday (May 14), and while there, they reportedly wreaked havoc, terrorizing any and everyone (and everything) in their path.

OFWGKTA were likely there hoping to have some fun, but the Hip Hop collective quickly found out the site’s writers/editors didn’t find their brand of humor funny at all.

Some of the BuzzFeed staff even tweeted about their annoyance during Odd Future’s visit.

“Tyler the creator just embarrassed every black person in buzzfeed edit smdh,” the site’s deputy editor-in-chief Shani O. Hilton wrote in a now deleted tweet.

What exactly did BuzzFeed expect from a group called with “Kill Them All” in their name?

Gawker probably said it best: “Inviting Tyler and his friends to Buzzfeed is like inviting the skaters who smoke behind the van during lunch to a drama club meeting.”

Tyler later took to Twitter and responded to BuzzFeed’s reaction to his visit:

Tyler and his cohorts also paid a visit to The Huffington Post’s NYC offices, and bashed BuzzFeed in an interview with HuffPost Live. He called site “boring” and said he and his Odd Future buddies were just there to “bring in so much yellow freaking filling to their gray, boring [lives].”

From HuffPo:

The Odd Future guys called Buzzfeed “boring” and Tyler, the Creator said of the Buzzfeed office that “half the people there didn’t like me.”

“I guess some of the people who work in the office [were like], ‘I’m above this, oh my god, we’re working, we have strong opinions,'” Tyler said. “We just came in there trying to bring in so much yellow freaking filling to their gray, boring [lives].”

Tyler said the negative reaction “bummed [him] out” because the group had a good time at Buzzfeed. As Gawker documented Wednesday, many staff members tweeted displeasure with the Odd Future visit, and one editor talked about one member shooting a Nerf gun.

Regarding the Nerf gun, Tyler added that it doesn’t make sense to have toys in an office if you don’t expect them to be played with.

“One, I didn’t touch the Nerf gun. Two, that was Jasper [Dolphin]. Three, it didn’t hit anyone. And four, dude, you have a Nerf gun in the office,” Tyler said. “How do you have a Nerf gun in there if you don’t want anybody messing with it?”

The guy does have a point there. But the bigger question should be: “How do you invite Tyler, the Creator and Odd Future into your office and not expect them to act the fool?”

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