There are good ways to honor the one day a year we reserve to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and then there are bad ways to honor MLK’s legacy.

This morning when we shared with you those 13 offensive MLK Weekend Party Flyers, we honestly thought we had seen the worst.

“Freedom 2 Twerk:” These 13 Offensive MLK Weekend Party Flyers Show How Not To Honor Dr. King’s Dream

But nope. This tweet from the world-famous adult video streaming site Pornhub is probably even worse than that, or at least just as bad:

Really, Pornhub? I mean… not that I expect class and dignity from a website whose slogan is “Makes your d**k bigger and your p**sy wetter.” But … REALLY?

Realizing their faux pass, the world’s #1 free porn site offered this “apology” tweet:

Okay, you get points for originality, Ms. “Pornhub Katie,” but this is all still so WRONG.

We shudder to think of what “creative” tweets Pornhub comes up with for Black History Month.

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