Ever since Beyonce dropped her self-titled fifth album on the world, she’s set professional and amateur musicians on fire trying to lap up all her musical good-good.

YouTube has quickly filled up with covers of Beyonce’s new tracks and “Drunk in Love,” the collabo with her husband Jay Z, has fast become a karaoke favorite.

A gentleman who goes by the name of buffcorrell has cemented his cover in Internet gold after he sang off-key to the track with a depressed relaxer, baby hair slicked back from the 80s and dance moves that looked like they were lifted from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Jump on it!

Frankly, his schtick is so over the top I’m convinced it’s a parody account of sorts. Come on, the pictures of himself posing shirtless while covered in baby oil? Get outta here. Plus, it’s the not first time he’s generated web hits from bad YouTube covers. So he’s well aware that people think he sounds like a barking sea lion when he sings.

Nevertheless, the laughs are appreciated.

Contrast the sour notes that “Buff Corell hits with the sweet, pleasurable tones of Alexis Jordan. She’s an upcoming Roc Nation artist and she’s kind of making her mark at the moment through YouTube covers. While the cover is low budget (seriously, singing to your computer is how signed artists do it these days?) you can’t deny the quality of Alexis’ voice.

Let’s just hope her career ends up more like Rihanna than Teairra Mari’s.

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