Is it Christmas? It must be because the Holy Spirit has delivered a miracle that could only have come from the Lord above.

Ever since her meltdown in 2007, there has been something off about Britney Spears. She seemed drugged, catatonic and out of touch in her interviews and televised appearances post-meltdown. Rumors of her handlers scripting her interactions and TV appearances have grown popular.

But in an interview with Mario Lopez on Extra TV, it looks like the OLD BRITNEY is back! She’s as ditzy as ever, but there’s light in her eyes, her emotions seem genuine and there’s actually a there, there.


I think the doctors finally got the right balance in her meds dosing. More of this please. I know Simon Cowell must be mad as hell. Where the hell was all this spunk when Britney’s dull, deflated ass was flopping as a judge on “The X Factor”?

The next great thing would be if sweet baby Jesus could somehow give Britney her rhythm and dancing prowess back. It’s a tall order but the good Lord can make a way.

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