Let’s face it, anyone who doesn’t admit they watch beauty pageants to see heavily made up women make fools of themselves is probably a liar.

As many know, the best part of these things is usually the question and answer session towards the end. That was evident during the Miss Philippines USA contest when Joanlia Lising was asked a pretty simple question and gave a cringe-worthy, “OMG! WTF?!?” answer.

As E! reports, Lising was asked, “Among the five senses, what do you prefer to have if you could only have one? And why?”

Pretty easy right? Well … for Lising, that meant a pretty easy question to flub and criminally embarrass yourself with.

“If I have to pick out of five sense, I would pick seeing,” she said. “Because seeing is the best sense that we can ever see, because seeing is believing. And believing into what you see is perfect. And, uh, out of all those senses, seeing…would…really……be wonderful, because. Thank you. That will be it.”

Yikes! Spoiler alert: she did not win.

Watch the hot mess unfold at the top of the post!

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