Back in March, a nervous BBC reporter named Chris Stark interviewed Mila Kunis about “Oz the Great and Powerful.” Footage from the hilariously awkward exchange went viral (he asked her out THREE times lol), but the first-time reporter hasn’t been seen on the interview circuit again. Until now.

Stark, who works as a host for BBC Radio 1, sat down with Jennifer Aniston ahead of the UK release of her comedy “We’re the Millers,” and he, of course, was his usual awkward self, asking hardly any questions about the movie and chatting about else instead.

He began the interview by talking about the makeup he was forced to wear.

“They put loads of makeup on me because they said I didn’t look showbiz enough to be interviewing you. I feel like a pig in a wig,” he said, to which Aniston replied, “You don’t look like a pig or a wig, or a pig in a wig.”

The conversation then veered off into strip clubs in Prague that serve steak, and why women find Ryan Gosling so attractive.

When Stark said that he didn’t “get” the whole Gosling thing, Aniston paid him a pretty nice compliment: “You have a little Ryan Gosling vibe. It’s like an innocent, very cute but yet…there’s a lot more going on.”

He concluded their chat my giving her a personalized jersey from his local soccer team.

Why isn’t this guy assigned to cover every movie?

Stark’s interview with Kunis became a sensation because it stood out from your typical junket conversation. The two discussed Jägerbombs, soccer, and the possibility of Kunis accompanying him to his friend’s wedding.

We wonder what Bruce Willis — who insulted a British radio host during an interview last month with a similar set up — would do if Stark were to ask him questions?

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