I’ve heard similar horror stories from people I know who work in TV and magazines, so I guess I can’t say that I’m surprised that Paper‘s Mickey Boardman says that Nicki Minaj was a disaster to work with.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, he reflected on which celebrities have been professional and easy going and which ones were the polar opposite of that. Surprisingly, e put Mariah Carey in the good pile!

Boardman reveals:

“Nicki Minaj was not fun. The Nicki thing turned out fine in the end, but it was two weeks of hideous torture and [her] walking off shoots. We had hired a photographer who’d shot her before. She liked the pictures, so we got him to shoot her again for the cover a year or two later. The first day of the shoot, she was locked in a room with her hair and makeup team, people whom she picked — she made them put [all her hair/makeup] on, then take it off. She would not let anyone from our team, stylists or photographers, talk to her. She came out and it was a mess. The photographer took some shots and she said, “Let me see.” He [showed her] five frames and she walked off — it was insanity. I had to sign up for AOL Instant Messenger so I could talk to her later, and she hung up on me on AIM. It was a super headache. We were going to do another shoot and then she had to cancel the day before. In the end everything was set up, but she wouldn’t use the stylist that we had. [Eventually] we got it, and the pictures looked great.”

Sounds like typical Nicki to me.

Here’s what Boardman said about other celebs, who you think would have been hell, but surprisingly weren’t:

” The three celebrities we shot for Paper who I thought were going to be crazy but weren’t were Lindsay Lohan (March 2008), Prince (June 1999), and Mariah Carey (December 2009). They were all super-easy and fabulous. Lindsay was five minutes early! And same with Mariah. With Mariah, I wanted her to drink only out of a gold goblet, but none of that happened. She was a little nutty, though — all she wanted to do was be on all fours with the boobs out and the butt out. If you have Mariah, you’re going to get Mariah.”

So you mean to tell me Nicki Minaj was worse than Prince, Mariah Carey AND Lindsay Lohan? Well damn.


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