Rasheeda has been struggling for relevance and success in the rap game for years, but now that she’s 4 months pregnant, her hopes of hitting the Billboard charts are fizzling away.

Last season on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Rasheeda called on Deb Antney for some consulting. Her career was in a rut and she thought Deb, aka Waka Flocka Flame’s mom, could provide a jumpstart to her career. After all, look at what she did for Nicki Minaj.

Deb made a lot of good points about Rasheeda’s career, but Rasheeda was too damn lovesick with her hubby Kirk to see the light. So she dissed Deb and stuck with her man.

Now, when she’s pregnant and abandoned, Rasheeda decides to run right back into Deb’s jello arms.


At first, Deb is happy to see Rasheeda back in her office. But when Rasheeda confesses that she’s pregnant, Mama Waka is not pleased.

“I’m not tryna be negative about it, but Rasheeda’s a mother now,” Deb says. She recommends that Rasheeda focus on becoming a spokesperson or starting a hairline rather than pursue a name for herself in the rap game.

Talk about a vote of no confidence.

Things get worse when Rasheeda invites Deb to her music video shoot and sits around like she’s on the toilet while beefcake, shirtless men hover around her. Oh yeah, this is gonna be a BET Video of the Year for sure.

The wheels completely fall off though when Kirk steps in and shades Rasheeda from head to toe for draining their bank account to pay for these wack low-budget videos nobody asked for. Kirk might be a jerk, but he’s right. Rasheeda is wasting their money with this bullshit and she needs to come to her senses.

So Kirk vows to take her name off of the business account. Ouch.


Mimi’s Mad, Messy Life

Mimi the She-Hulk is on the loose again as she growls, snarls, barks and bellows at nearly any and everyone in this episode. She starts off by meeting up with Karlie Redd who confesses to Mimi that Nikko tried to get her number. This news makes Mimi raise her eyebrow so she decides to roll over to Nikko’s crib and confront him.

But Nikko is still reeling from the deathblows Mimi and Stevie dealt to his ego when they decided to have a family reunion at his music video screening, all dressed in white and topped off with a shiny new BMW.

Mimi doesn’t wanna hear that though. She claims innocence for Stevie’s shenanigans, which is a damned lie cause she invited her baby daddy to Nikko’s event in the first place. But tensions really flare when Nikko acts all nonchalant about flirting with Karlie Redd and asking for her number. By the time he jokes about having a threesome with he, Karlie and Mimi, Ms. Faust knucks and bucks about 2 cm from his face.

Nikko gon’ learn about Mimi. She’s a pitbull in some jeggings.


After Mimi breaks things off with her loser boyfriend, she heads to church with Ariane to mourn her gal pal’s loss of her grandfather. Ariane also invites K. Michelle and attempts to stage a reconciliation between the two after the church service.

How much is Ariane really grieving if she has time to worry about a K. Michelle or a Mimi?

The good news is that for once, K. Michelle is honest and mature. She apologizes first for her behavior and admits that she never should’ve hit Mimi.

Mimi doesn’t even fart in her direction and instead dryly comments that she’s “fresh out of everything” and “out of gas.” Guess the kiss and make-up moment between K. and Mimi will have to wait one more episode.


Erica Handles Her Business with Shay

Stupid, underemployed and messy DJ Traci Steele is really working my last nerve as a viewer. All season long, she complains about popcorn hoes. So how come every time we turn around she’s rocking and rolling with Shay Johnson, Lil’ Scrappy’s number one popcorn hoe?

As if that alone wasn’t bad enough, Traci insists on trying to broker peace between Erica and Shay as if there’s any common ground that can be shared between a mistress and an almost-wife? C’mon now.

On top of that, Traci stay inviting Shay to events that aren’t her own. How does she invite Shay to Karlie’s weave event? She should have asked Karlie if she wanted to put up with that ratchet behavior at her grand opening. While Karlie is a lot of things, the last thing she wants going down at her store is some disruptive, unregulated ratchet behavior by guests of a guest.

Acting like a true lady, Erica largely maintains her composure without breaking a sweat. Shay, meanwhile, hoots and hollers and starts clawing like she has rabies. Did Shay want in with Scrappy’s family this bad that she doesn’t even know how to act like a home-trained, sophisticated lady? That is until Shay starts banging on the glass and she slips off her jacket like, “What? Bitch?!”

Since VH1 is trying to be more PG and things, they cut out the good parts of the fight, but judging by the fact that Shay was thrown out, I think we can safely say Erica won this round.

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