Madonna slammed her for blatant copying and now she’s being sued for allegedly repeatedly plagiarizing another artist’s visual work. Congratulations to you Lady Gaga, you’re now only a few more call outs and lawsuits away from becoming white Beyoncé.

According to Radar Online, a French artist by the name of Orlan is suing Mother Monster for more than $31.5 million plus interest. Yes, interest. I’m laughing, too, yo.

Her attorney, Philippe Dutilleul, told Radar, “Lady Gaga copied the look and style of ORLAN [in promotional materials and appearances] for Born This Way.”

Dutilleul added, “Whether or not it’s ethical to steal someone’s life is not in question. Lady Gaga and her record company went one step too far and crossed the red line by reproducing two major artworks by ORLAN without her permission.”

The offenses are as follows:

The first, Bumpload, is a 2009 sculpture of a hybrid being with growths on her face and shoulders — a look Gaga rocked on the cover of her Born This Way single in 2011, in the video and in many performances and appearances related to the track.

“All you have to do is put them side by side and it’s very striking,” Dutilleul says.

The second piece in question, Woman With Head, a 1996 performance showing ORLAN’s head on a table, appears almost exactly replicated in the opening sequence of the Born This Way video.

“It’s the same haircut,” Dutilleul says. “The same forehead implants. The same makeup.”

“Copyright rules follow a strict protocol,” he continues. “Lady Gaga should have asked ORLAN permission for this. She never did, nor did she contact ORLAN. She made over $400 million thanks to ORLAN’s work and efforts, so we are asking for 7.5 percent, as French law allows.”

And though Born This Way was released more than two years ago, Dutilleul says ORLAN was initially unsure if she wanted to take on this fight.

“It was not an easy decision for ORLAN to move forward in this case, even if the copyright violation is obvious,” the attorney explains.

“One always thinks twice before engaging in such a battle. This is David vs. Goliath, and ORLAN needed some time to think of the consequences. She would have moved much faster if Lady Gaga was not so famous.”

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