A new, and probably the last, “True Blood” Season 6 promo debuted on Sunday night, just one week before the start of the HBO hit’s sixth season kicks off, and it poses some new questions. Like, who is that new guy Sookie is locking lips with? And, what the hell? Vampire Bill can go out into the sunlight now?

The trailer, in which Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) proclaims “The World is Changing,” doesn’t really provide any more details than those that have aired previously, but there are still a few juicy new deets.

For one, Bill aka “Billith” (Stephen Moyer) is a now so powerful that he is able to intimidate Sookie (Anna Paquin), who is usually impervious to vampire abilities. Am I the only one who still thinks that Sookie and Bill still might have a chance? Maybe that’s just because in real life they’re married with adorable babies.

The new trailer does, however, serve as further proof that the series is going back to its basic premise, and that’s not a bad thing.

“True Blood,” which debuted in 2008, initially focused on an overwhelmingly prevalent topic — equality. The show is set in a world in which vampires and humans must co-exist despite their differences.

Concepts like “coming out of the coffin” no doubt alluded to issues of gay rights and of course the storyline has paralleled with the prejudices that have and still plague the country today.

In HBO’s newest trailer for the raunchy series, we catch a glimpse of a chained up vamp being dragged from the back of a car, which recalls the 1998  dragging death of James Byrd. Byrd was murdered at the hands of white supremacists not unlike some of the frighteningly conservative residents of Bon Temps.

Clearly, the show’s creators, having delved into the world of maenads, werewolves and witches, have decided to go back to the drawing board.

An early review of the new season by Variety’s TV Columnist Brian Lowry indicates that the show’s return to its culturally relevant plot-line gives the show new life.

That’s good news, considering last season was largely disappointing and may have alienated some of the show’s biggest fans.

“True Blood” Season 6 premieres Sunday, June 16 on HBO and will run for 10 episodes instead of its usual 12.

Check out another newly released clip trailer here:

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