Amanda Bynes just can’t seem to make up that crazy mind of hers. Back in March, the troubled actress made headlines after tweeting that she wanted Drake to “murder [her] vagina,” and now, just a few months later, it seems as though she has had a change of heart.

Out of nowhere, Bynes insulted the Young Money rapper on Twitter, writing, “Drake has the ugliest smile, ugly gums uneven teeth ugly eyes.”

After seeing her tweet, which she later deleted, noted blogger Perez Hilton asked Amanda what made her come to the realization that she no longer wanted Drake to murder her lady parts, and she tweeted back to him:

“Not with his ugly smile and ugly eneven teeth and fugly face! He’s gay and ugly I want a hot straight man!”

Bynes deleted that tweet too, of course, and later tweeted, “I won’t deny calling @Drake ugly,” which she also eventually deleted.

Drake shouldn’t take too much offense to Amanda Bynes calling him ugly though, because (A.) she’s Amanda Bynes; (B.) she insults pretty much EVERYONE on Twitter, for no reason at all really; (C.) she’s Amanda Bynes; and (D.) refer to A, B and C.

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