This episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” was all about chin checking and putting tricks in their place. Traci Steele got her baby daddy’s hoe parade together, Lil’ Scrappy let his mama know the real deal and Joseline had to let Stevie J know that Che Mack better stay in the back of the bus.

But the biggest reality check of them all came from Mimi when she let her gal pals K. Michelle and Ariane have it after they called her man’s roommate gay.


Among the many things wrong with K. Michelle’s brain is her obsession with calling every man she disagrees with gay.

No matter how many times she claims to be a fan of the “gays,” the pattern of using homosexuality as an emasculating insult is consistent. She did it to Kirk, calling him a “lesbian” and she does it again by calling Mimi’s boyfriend’s roommate, Johnny Crome, a gay downlow man. If you use gay as an insult consistently are you really okay with the gays?


Surprisingly, Ariane AGREES with K. Michelle’s accusation that Johnny is gay. But Mimi defends Johnny and says she’s only seen Johnny with “bad-ass bitches.”

We as the viewers, have no real evidence to make us lean one way or the other. But hold up wait a minute. As K. Michelle is yapping her mouth about Johnny’s sexuality, he creeps in talking about he heard her “chit chatting.” R’uh oh.


Shortly after, Johnny confronts K. Michelle about her whisper campaign against him and K. Michelle, surprisingly, offers to drop the matter. But Johnny presses her on it and Mimi’s boyfriend Nikko jumps in and eventually kicks K. Michelle out.

Ariane walks K. Michelle out but she returns later and gets into an argument with Nikko over he and Johnny’s tag-team confrontation of K.


That’s when World War III breaks loose and Mimi unleashes her incredible butch side. The bass enters her voice something serious and she starts YELLING at Ariane. Her ride or die chick.


Needless to say Ariane and K. Michelle are both stunned at Mimi’s betrayal and the two walk away from the video shoot arm in arm. Nikko and Johnny console Mimi and revel in their success. They got what they wanted by having Mimi turn against her friends.

UPDATE: Watch Johnny Crome and Nikko’s “NY 2 L.A.” Music Video Here!

And y’all thought Stevie J was manipulative? Watch out for this ninja turtle.


Rasheeda Breaks the Pregnancy News to Kirk

Remember last season of LHHA how Kirk was all on Rasheeda to get her uterus ready for another fetus? Yeah, apparently a lot can change in 365 days.

Kirk has apparently been going through legal woes with his eldest son and financial woes with his brother’s health. Combined with the sad state of Rasheeda’s music career, and you have a recipe for an empty bank account and massive frustration.

Last episode, Rasheeda went to the doctor’s and confirmed that she was pregnant, so Rasheeda decides to break the news gently by leaving fertilized self down on a cozy rug by the fireplace. Kirk sits and the two start talking about their issues and then Rasheeda drops the bomb: She’s pregnant.


The look on Kirk’s face was what you’d expect his face to look like if he saw Da Brat wearing a floor-length evening gown in stiletto pumps: Confused, disturbed and baffled.


Rasheeda immediately noticed his less than enthusiastic reaction and promptly reminded Kirk that HE was the one who pushed her to put her family first.

That, he says, was then. Besides, she told him she wasn’t ready so he assumed she was taking all of the necessary precautions (i.e. the pill) to prevent pregnancy. Well, he thought wrong.

Yo, how many men are gonna get caught out there with the “I thought you were on the pill” trick? Fellas, if you’re looking to prevent pregnancy wrap it up. Every.damn.time. Y’all gon’ learn out here in these streets.

It’ll be tough to watch how this plays out, but the formerly happily married couple parts ways with Rasheeda saying she’ll take care of the baby by herself if she has to. Ouch.


Lil’ Scrappy Tells Momma Dee to Scram

For all of Momma Dee’s talk about her role on the throne and managing the crown for her son, the so-called Prince of the South, she sure does seem to find herself outside of the castle walls quite often these days.

In her continued desperation to reunite Shay and Scrappy, Momma Dee invites Scrappy over to so he can rub elbows (well, probably more than elbows…) with Shay and toast to the end of his engagement with Erica Dixon. Momma Dee even went ahead and got him an EOE (End of Engagement) cake. I suppose we should be grateful or the abbreviated acronym because if Momma Dee had to explain to the Salvadorean immigrant working at the bakery about how engagement should be spelled, we’d witness a massacre of the English language right before our eyes.

While Scrappy has played the doting son for the most part, this time he’s not having it.


He tells Momma Dee to but out of his life and he lets her know that he finds her celebration of his break-up to be distasteful.

Oh snap, is Scrappy finally manning up?

Momma Dee doesn’t take too kindly to the insubordination but she knows who’s buttering her bread so she tells Scrappy that she loves him but won’t be there to catch him if he falls. No worries, as long as she FedExes her poodle wig to act a cushion for his fall, he should do just fine.


Scrappy later meets up with his pops and his dad tells him straight up: Your mama is a problem in your life.

Who is this sensible, normal man who sounds like he has a 9-to-5 job with good health insurance and how the hell did he ever end up in bed with a female pimp who can’t spell the word “bitch”? In that order.


Stevie J Brings Che Mack Into His Sister Wives’ Circle

Last time we saw Che Mack, her graffiti-covered ass was hollering at Stevie J and Joseline on full blast while at the bar she works at.

Joseline shaded the hell out of Che and Stevie left her ass out to dry while she devolved into a turrets-inspired meltdown.

Fast forward to this episode and now we see that Stevie’s had a change of heart. Che apparently had her home broken into so she called Stevie up and he brought her a TV to comfort her and replace what was stolen.


Nevermind that Che’s home look completely undisturbed. Just nod your head and go along with the wholly implausible plot twists. If you wanted logical storylines, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

So Stevie, in complete pimp mode, essentially invites Che Mack into the fold. Or his bus. Or whatever analogy he’s using for his circle of hoes, which includes Mimi and Joseline.

Che Mack readily agrees to be the quarterback. Homegirl is moving way too damn fast, cause Joseline Hernandez is bout to run up the middle and knock her ass dead if she so much as breathes in her general direction.

Joseline is in love with Stevie and she ain’t havin’ no competition mess with her boo thang.

Besides, Che Mack is a damn fool for believing Stevie’s gonna do something for her music career. Joseline been rollin’ with that fool for how long and she still ain’t put out not a damn iTunes single. C’mon. Even Rich Dollaz moves faster than that.


Traci Steele Is Tired of the Tricks

DJ Traci Steele is still entertaining this whole sneaker boutique thing like it’s a legit business. In reality, this whole thing is clearly a front to serve as a storyline for her on the show. Think about it: If she didn’t have this store to run with her ex, would she be spending all of this time with him on camera? Of course not.

The contrived nature of this wouldn’t be so bad if it were actually somewhat fun. Predictably, Babey Drew selects a bunch of “groupies” for his first round of interviews. His eyes twinkle as he asks the girls about their tramp stamps and flatters them with overt compliments. Traci rolls her eyes, sighs with exasperation and plays the part of a flustered wife. Too bad she doesn’t have the ring to show for all of this wasted energy.


As you can imagine, after the interviews wrap up, Traci tries to rap her baby daddy’s knuckles for once again bringing groupies into her life. But the groupies, who are standing right there as she insults them, chirp back and ask if the two of them are in a relationship.

In the blink of an eye, Traci slipped her shoes off and was ready to pounce on the groupies like a lioness on a pack of zebras. Needless to say, those “video vixens” got to running like their name was Speedy Gonzalez.

At this point, it really doesn’t make sense that Traci gets mad over her ex chasing women. He did it while they were together, heck, even while she was pregnant. So why does she act surprised every time a hoe shows up when he’s around? And furthermore, why is mad at them instead of him?

If Mona Scott-Young hopes to endear us to Traci in any way, she’s got to get her off of this dead-end storyline. Traci just looks like a crazy fool and Babey Drew is no Stevie J. So cut it out, everybody.

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