The best thing about awards shows is the unpredictable nature of the format. Because artists know fans have their eyes glued for those “unexpected” moments, they often go the extra mile to spice things up. Miguel, unfortunately, might have taken things a little too far at the Billboard Awards.

While performing his smash R&B hit “Adorn,” Miguel wanted to close out on a high note so he rushed the audience and attempted to leap over the crowd. But he didn’t get enough ups and ended up landing crotch-first on some poor girl’s head.


I hope Miguel is lawyered up because I have a feeling ol’ girl is about to sue his ass something serious. That was pretty much a testicular assault that happened right before our eyes.

Next time, Miguel, leave the gymnastics to the professionals.

UPDATE: Miguel posted the following to his Twitter page (in regards to his accidental “leg drop”):

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