Ask any woman, and they’ll tell you. Child birth sucks. And a pair of guys put out a video that went viral that shows them appearing to wear “simulators” that help them see what it feels like to go through various stages labor pains.

A pretty neat (but extremely unpleasant) experiment, honestly, but too bad the whole thing is FAKE.

According to Detroit, Michigan’s WDIV News, the clip was created as a gag by the video team at Kensington Church in Troy, Mi., but after it went viral, they were forced to come clean about its lack of authenticity.

The Church put out the following statement earlier this week:

The video team at Kensington Church in Troy, Michigan created the simulated “Labor Pains” video as a fun way to honor moms on Mother’s Day. The actors in the video were using props to depict electrical muscle stimulation and were not actually experiencing pain. The video was part of a larger celebration of moms during our weekend services. This service (and others) can be viewed at: Our thanks to Dr. Julie Masters for opening her office and donating her time to be a part of the project!

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