Ne-Yo never seems to miss an opportunity to share his thoughts on the works of his peers. Not many would be as blunt with their assessments of their contemporaries as he would be, but in this instance of Ray J and that God-awful I Hit It First song (that may or may not be about Kim Kardashian), shade away, queen. Just kidding. Kinda.

In any event, Philly’s HOT 107.9 asked Ne-Yo what he thought of the song and he said:

“I have not [heard it] and I will not. I personally feel like it’s nuts, it’s disrespectful for one. It’s disrespectful for the person that it is allegedly not about. I don’t have a beef with Ray J, don’t even go there, don’t even start that. I just don’t see the purpose or reason for that. You look nuts for that. I would’ve wrote him a song, Ray-J holla at ya boy. I will write you whatever it is that you need. I have no problem saying it. Ray-J you are playing yourself with that. You are bigger than that, cut that out.”

Now that wasn’t so bad. He could’ve said worse. Oh, I don’t know, like something along the lines of, “He needs to crawl out of Kim’s crotch, and get over the fact that she’s gone on to build an empire while he’s still sitting on his ass telling old dick tales.”

Plus, Ray J didn’t hit it first anyway.

[H/T: Necole Bitchie via]

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