For those of you who didn’t watch Keyshia and Daniel: Family First, Keyshia Cole was kind enough to treat her mother to another extended stay at a rehabilitation center to deal with her pestering issues with substance abuse. But based on Frankie speaking like her tongue was just drowned in a pool of Courvoisier, one imagines Frankie left a wee bit too early.

In any event, Frankie was asked about the recent shade Keyshia has thrown at Michelle Williams and Beyoncé and gave her own explanation: “She’s married. Sometimes she gets bored.” That along with Keyshia having a funny way of showing love.

Mother may be lost in the sauce in the clip, but there’s some smidgen of truth there. Plus, even Frankie knows it doesn’t make sense to draw the ire of the Beyhive.

Ever the peacemaker, Frankie adds:

Shout out to Michelle.
Shout out to Beyoncé.
And what’s that other one’s name? Deez nuts!

As sad as it is to see an addict continue to struggle with their demons, dammit if this interview isn’t uncomfortably comical. Still, I’m betting Keyshia’s adopted mother, Yvette, is going to get the better gift on Mother’s Day. Man down up!

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