Here’s a friendly PSA to struggling musicians trying to hitch a ride back to relevance: Do a Google search before you co-opt a term you hear being thrown around on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In Ciara’s video for her latest single, “Body Party,” the former princess of Crunk ‘n’ B and her beau Future apply lessons learned from the Steven Seagal School of Acting.

As Future one-two steps back into the party after initiating the onscreen courtship, Ciara smiles and says, “He reads!”

Apparently, this confused the hell out of a number of people who had no idea as to what she was talking about, because, you know, reading is black gay lingo for telling somebody off.

At first I just assumed that Ciara was doing a half-ass attempt at using the Queen’s English, but it turns out that even if she was just biting black gay lingo, CiCi didn’t know it.

In an interview with Muu Muse, Ciara was asked about the meaning of “He reads!” and…well, good luck deciphering that explanation.

I have to ask though: When you say “He reads,” what does that mean exactly?
Ciara: (Laughs) I mean like, he reads! Like, that works. Like, that’s it. In that case, when I said “he reads”, it was just like…he reads! Like, he’s cute, he’s it, and he’s everything. It’s like that first reaction of when you meet somebody and he really like…he reads. Like…yes.

Uh huh. Okay, alright. So I’m gonna have to use that then!
Ciara: He reads! Yes, he makes you feel something, while he also looks cute, and all of that good stuff.


Girl, what? Next time just say, “He’s cute.”

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