If you were just about to sit down with a bottle of fine wine and read “The Collected Works of Henrik Ibsen.” Hold off! We found something way more dramatic.

If you weren’t up all night glued to Amanda Bynes‘ Twitter feed to see what she would post next (*guilty*) then you may have missed her throw down with VH1 talk show host Jenny McCarthy.

The Twitter war began when McCarthy posted that she heard the cops were at Bynes’ house:

“Police are at Amanda Bynes’ house. I hope they get her help. Enough of this circus. She needs help.”

She later added:

“It came from a publicist but if no one can back it up it could be wrong.”

Looks like McCarthy has the news reporting skills of the factually challenged CNN.

It was later revealed by Hollywood Life that no cops were at the Crazy Train passenger’s house and that some celebrity publicist named Jonathan Jaxson made the whole thing up.

Bynes tweeted:

@JennyMcCarthy you’re ugly! Police weren’t at my house old lady! Shut the fuck up!

If that’s not enough, she also added:

@jennymccarthy I need help? What are u talking about? Aren’t u 50 years old? I’m 27, u look 80 compared to me! Why are you talking about me?

For what it’s worth, Jenny McCarthy is 40 years old and looks far better than the steaming pile of hot mess that Amanda Bynes has morphed into.

McCarthy then apologized, which is what everyone should do when a crazy person publicly insults them and tells them to “shut the fuck up.”

Bynes then changed her mind and referred to the sexpot as “beautiful.”

@JennyMcCarthy thanks! I’m sorry I offended you! You’re beautiful! I was lying! I’ll delete our tweets!

Now that the McCarthy/Bynes saga has concluded, Bynes can go back to posting topless photos of herself looking haggard.

[H/T: Hollywood Life]

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