On a scale of 1 to 10, interviewing your ex on national television has to rate at about a 20 on the awkwardometer. Poor Ashanti and Bow Wow got more than their fair share of awkward this week.

A quick back story and point of reference here: You know your career is on life support when you have to moonlight as a journalist or on-air personality to collect a paycheck.

After a string of flop projects, Ashanti and Bow Wow are both firmly in the struggle category. So in order to keep the cash flowing, Ashanti’s taken on a job with FUSE and Bow Wow is now a host on BET’s video countdown staple “106 & Park.”

Nelly and Ashanti were sort of like the C-grade Beyonce and Jay-Z. Like Bey and Jay, they started out as friends. But unlike Bey and Jay, they never officially confirmed the obvious fact that they were dating. This despite countless paparazzi pics of the two traveling together and meeting up on different occasions.

Recently, word on the street is that Ashanti and Nelly called it quits. But if her interview with the rapper is anything to go by, things appear to be smooth between the two.

Most of the interview is boilerplate, but you can catch a glimpse of their chemistry when Ashanti asks Nelly what his turn-ons and turn-offs are in a woman. He starts off by saying, “Bad breath.” Ashanti screws her face and points at herself saying, “Not me.” Nelly laughs and reassures that he’s not talking about her. But things get even more cozy when Nelly gushes that he likes a woman with “nice thighs.”

Everyone knows Ashanti got them ham hocks and she graciously accepts his compliment.



Bow Wow had a similar experience to Ashanti, but his was a bit more awkward. Though he was cordial, there was a strange unspoken tension during the interview.


And his decision to sit on top of the couch as opposed to on the seat of the couch with Ciara and his co-host was telling. It was as if he wanted to maintain some distance between himself and Ciara at all times. Or maybe he just wanted to be taller than Ciara for once.

Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say that Bow’s probably not all the way over his ex, Ciara.


Next time your ex wants to show up at your job, just call out sick, y’all.

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