While most of the country had their eyes glued to the television set on Friday as law enforcement officials closed in on the Boston Marathon bomber suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ prolonged divorce was finally made official.

According to TMZ, Kris gets no monetary compensation from the divorce settlement and he doesn’t get the annulment based on fraud that he was seeking. Each will cover their own attorney fees.

That pretty much means Kim won and Kris gave in. After digging in his heels for so long, why did Kris suddenly throw in the towel? RadarOnline reports it’s because he felt “sorry” for Kim, since she’s pregnant with Kanye’s baby and all.

“Yes, he was angry at Kim for the way their marriage ended and he truly did feel defrauded by her and the show,” the pal of the 28-year-old told Wetpaint. “She’s pregnant and obviously under a lot of stress. He didn’t want to be part of it any more.”

But wait. Kris’ benevolent spirit is not the ENTIRE story. The truth is Kris had to make a choice between battling Kim or focusing on his basketball career. With little to gain from continuing his one-man war against the Kardashian Klan, he opted to stay on track with his NBA career.

A source close to the situation told Kris came to the realization in the 24 hours before Friday’s settlement that the whole melodrama was a “sh*t sandwich” and that he had “zero chance” of proving their marriage was a fraud.

“Kris didn’t want the team impacted by his personal life,” the insider said.

“If the Nets advanced in the playoffs, the trial would have taken place during the games and basketball comes first for Kris.

“He also realized that he didn’t have a chance in hell of proving that Kim defrauded him. In the end, his lawyers were able to finally make him recognize that not only would he be missing out on the playoffs with the Nets, but would likely be ordered to pay Kim’s legal fees.

There hasn’t been an official response from Kim on the divorce settlement, but you can bet that Kimye are sleeping a bit easier knowing that the baby in Kim’s womb won’t be considered a Humphries by default in the eyes of the law.

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