When it comes to Khia, the Thug Misses, she takes the idea of ballin’ on a budget to a whole other level.

Khia debuted some brand-new flicks of herself draped in a University of Florida beach towel with coordinating blue and orange Payless heels to match. The backdrop for the photo shoot looked like used bed sheets from the Best Western and the Mardi Gras necklace holding this “ensemble” together was dollar-store fresh. But you know what? In Khia’s mind, she’s “Gone with the Wind” fabulous. Now twirl, twirl, watch her twirl.

Check out Khia reppin’ hard for them Florida Gators below:




It’s not clear if Khia actually has ever had any official affiliation with the University of Florida. I find it hard to believe she ever attended the university, but she does appear to be an enthusiastic fan of the college’s football team.

You might think Khia’s photo shoot is low-budget and cheap (and you’d be right), but Khia has no shame in her game. She believes her unprocessed photos are something to be proud of, unlike the heavy-duty Photoshop manipulation that Lil’ Kim tortures her portraits with.

Oop. Truth be told, Khia’s got a point there. It’s just unfortunate that her body is riddled with tattoos that resemble the stall scrawlings of a high school boys’ bathroom.

[Crunk + Disorderly]

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