Tina Fey is done answering questions about Taylor Swift, judging by how she reacted when she was asked by a member of the paparazzi if she wanted to comment on the pop star’s recent statement in which she basically condemned her to hell.

“Go fuck yourself,” she told the photographer, with a huge grin on her face. When he persisted, she repeated, “You can go fuck yourself.”

He then told her that she wasn’t being very “nice,” to which she replied, “Get a job, dude.”

The hilarious exchange was captured on camera and was posted on E! News, but has since been removed. Looks like Fey’s PR team has enough power to get things like that scrubbed from the web.

But thankfully, the Internet has saved the day by creating a series of GIFs documenting the incident.

Take a look here:

GIFs via BuzzFeed

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