The battle over the Stallion Booty and the Donkey Booty is officially on. After Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks fell out on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” over disputes relating to business agreements related to the production and distribution of Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” video, you just knew things were gonna get ugly. But who knew it’d lead to Kenya going into direct competition with Mrs. Parks?

In the most recent episodes of RHOA, we’ve seen Kenya running around calling her exercise DVD the “Stallion Booty workout,” which is a direct play off of Phaedra’s working title, “Donkey Booty.”

But it looks like their marketers (read: white folks) told them that it wasn’t a good look to name their exercise brands after animal asses, so Kenya went with the consumer-friendly Booty Boot Camp while Phaedra and Apollo decided to call their workout series the Phine Body workout, with the sub-head “Donkey Booty Volume 1.”

Reports have already surfaced saying that Kenya is outselling Phaedra’s video. Now it’s a bit early to really call a winner on the sales front, since Kenya’s just went on sale, but remember, she does have that distribution deal in place that Phaedra turned down. Reality Tea has more information on the sales figures.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s workout DVD is ranked as #44 in Movies & TV > DVD > Exercise & Fitness compared to Phaedra’s Phine Booty which is currently ranking at #3,545 in Movies & TV. Strangely Phaedra’s Volume 1 has also doubled in price since its initial release.

Judging by the trailers alone, we’d have to give the edge to Phaedra. Yes, Kenya has a much better body than Phaedra, but Kenya’s exercises are punctured by awkward silence. Has she never watched a P90X video? You’re supposed to TALK the viewer through your workouts. Not smile at them goofily like the Cheshire Cat.

Here’s Kenya’s boring, awkward trailer for Booty Boot Camp:

Phaedra’s workout on the other hand, seems to exude the liveliness and high energy of her charismatic personality.

Have you picked up Phaedra’s or Kenya’s workout DVDs? Are you Team Stallion Booty or Team Donkey Booty?

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