While Chris Brown has been embroiled in scandal over his recent scuffle with fellow R&B star Frank Ocean, he actually stepped out and did a little press about music while he was at the Grammys.

Yes, it was a red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest, who’s known for being a softball interviewer, but still, it’s good to see Chris venturing back out and speaking with the public instead of remaining in hiding.

Interestingly, when Ryan asked Chris whose music he was listening to, Chris praised “Adorn” singer Miguel for his ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ effort. (What? Did you expect him to say he was bumpin’ ‘Channel Orange’ in the whip?) He specifically lauded Miguel for embracing traditional R&B and he bemoaned the current state of R&B, which he says is full of gimmicks.

Given his endless string of dance-pop, auto-tuned anthems, Chris knew detractors would turn the statement right back around on him so he readily admitted that some of his music fell under that “gimmicky” category as well. Smart move, Christopher. Self deprecation will disarm even the staunchest of critics.

Chris said he longs for music with real instruments and authenticity. So hopefully his next album will bring us something refreshing.

In the meantime, here’s Chris’ latest electronic dance music collaboration with Afrojack to whet your appetite for gimmicky R&B.

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