Karlie Redd doesn’t play games when it comes to earning rent money. While her music has failed to chart on anything worth mentioning, Karlie Redd has used the platform granted to her by her role in “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” to pursue multiple business opportunities.

If a club in Podunk, Mississippi is looking for a “celebrity” to host one of their nights, Karlie will come running for the right check.

And likewise, when World Star Hip Hop sought the star out for its softcore-porn/prison masturbation material, Karlie Redd had no shame in dropping her top and allowing the camera to zoom in so close on her fake ass that it almost got a few shots of her rectum.

Watch the video, which is sort of like a Sports Illustrated shoot in video form, below.

In fairness to Karlie Redd, for a(n) (allegedly) fake booty, it DOES look good. The camera paints a flattering portrait of the (allegedly) middle-aged aspiring star and ex-girlfriend of Benzino.

But still, if she’s going to do a KING-like skin flick, shouldn’t she at least have demanded to use one of her own songs?

Then again, probably not. Hearing Karlie’s attempts at singing would probably spoil the mood. Who wants to hear a dying cat howl while you’re trying to rub one out?


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