Karlie Redd’s REAL AGE (And Her “Grown” Daughter’s Age) Revealed?

How old is Karlie Redd???

Like “Big Foot” sightings or the rumored existence of the “Loch Ness Monster,” Karlie Redd‘s REAL age has been a mystery to us all, as she continues to lie and tell people that she’s “in her twenties.”

In case you didn’t already know … Karlie Redd stars on the hit VH1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” which is currently wrapping up its first season, with the finale having aired last week, and the second part of the Reunion Special set to air next Monday night (Sep 3).

And last night on Part 1 of the LHHA Reunion Show, Karlie — a perpetual, compulsive liar — repeatedly dodged questions about her age (amid K Michelle’s hilarious accusations that she “marched with Martin Luther King” in the 1960’s, LOL!), while also refusing to give in to questions about her daughter’s age.

She explained her reasoning behind the secrecy regarding her daughter, saying that that the reason she refused to reveal the identity and age of her only child was to “protect” her.

But we all know the real reason Karlie Redd doesn’t want us to know her daughter’s age, is because she doesn’t want folks to do the math and figure out how old SHE really is. (You ain’t slick, Karlie Redd!)

When pressed about her own age, Karlie claims to be “in her twenties” … but we did some digging, and found out that she was on a VH1 reality show filmed in the mid 2000’s called “Scream Queens” — when, at the time, she claimed to be 29 years old. (See video below)

Now, we’re not math wizards or anything … but if she was “29” in the mid-2000’s, that would AT LEAST put her in the 34 – 36 years old range. And if she’s lying about her age now, then she was probably lying back then too, so she could even be 40 … or older!

Here’s what Karlie Redd had to say in a recent interview with Washington, D.C area radio station WKYS 93.9 FM about K Michelle saying she’s 50-years-old:

“Do I look like I’m 50? …don’t listen to K Michelle. K Michelle don’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. I’m in my twenties, and as an entertainer you don’t tell your age. She [K Michelle] just had to say something because I was coming at her.”

Girl, stop.

Additionally, Karlie’s ex boyfriend and LHHA co-star Benzino — who has three kids himself, between the ages of 9 and 19 years old — recently revealed to S2S Magazine that Karlie’s daughter is a GROWN woman, which means that Karlie’s claims of being in her “twenties” is pure bullshit.


“Me and Karlie are two grown ups, and both of us have grown children,” Benzino recently told S2S. “She has a grown daughter.”

“Karlie’s daughter I think is about 17 years old. She just graduated from high school,” Benzino revealed.

Meanwhile, our personal sources here at GOT say that Karlie Redd’s exact age is 47 years old, while another source claims that she was born in 1971, which would make her at least 40 or 41 years old.

While we may never know how old Karlie Redd really is — until we see a long-form birth certificate, or something equally reputable — we at least know this much … she’s a liar.

And what’s the deal with her trying and failing to hide her age anyway?

She’s damn hot for a 40/50-year-old mom. There’s a term for that — MILF.

No need to lie, Karlie!

  • JENNY JONES!!!!!


    • xxXpure_bredXxx

      I don’t know maybe because she’s trying to start a career at that age.

    • Stop dick sucking

  • LuxuriousInk

    that show aired in 2010 so that would make her 32 or 33 now but who the hell knows she lies about everything.

  • tashattag

    why does it matter is she lying about her age, why females always trying to hate and if she damn near 50 she looks damn good. so she old and??? she just tryna get this cake out here and if she gotta be in her 20s to do it then so what cuz she look younger than some of her co stars

    • You’re so right! The industry is not kind to older vixens, especially sista’s. She’s just doing what she gotta do to get that paper…I ain’t mad at her. She looks marvelous!

  • kea

    I actually know this girl her name is Kareese she lives in DC, she is not karlie redds daughter!!! Don’t believe me go to her twitter @thequeen_629 or her instagram @iamkareese go thru her pics u will find this pic she posted from work months ago, we don’t know how the media got her pic but this is sad, this is proof to me that nothing in the media is true

    • MaKayLa1

      who gives a fuck! GO get a job!!

    • NLK3

      Why you respond like you give a fuck? Doesn’t seem like you’re working at the moment.

    • U sound so stupid

  • karlie redd is HOT i will put on my milf hunter t 4 her idc lol

  • K Michelle’s arguement is because she thinks that Karlie Redd is too old to be an “aspiring musician” and that she should give it up, when in fact Karlie Redd had a foot in the door to a career in music back in 2000. I may not agree that she is 47 (that’s almost 50!) but I might put a buck or two on that she’s around 40. If that is her daughter they can’t both be near their 20’s but then this is Atlanta we’re talking about, where I guess pregnancy happens at that early of an age! Hey, don’t all women lie about their age though, what is Karlie Redd the super villianess of women whom lie about their age and weight now?

    • xxXpure_bredXxx

      Im a woman and I don’t lie about my age…im proud to be 29

    • Haha.. That’s good I guess but the fact you even say that at 29 is ridiculous. It’s indicative of what a shallow society we live in.

    • Guest

      and y r u replying to something that had nothing to do with you
      ¯_(?)_/¯ didn’t I replied to something you wrote.

    • xxXpure_bredXxx

      and y r u replying to something that had nothing to do with you
      ¯_(?)_/¯ didn’t know I replied to something you wrote.

    • jenna

      i would hope so… your still young



  • There really is no reason for her to lie about her age. Bitch, you look good so OWN it.

  • @jahzillamusic

    Well she looks good for her age how ever old she is.

  • Fantasha V.

    i fuking hate this stupid ass ugly ass old ass bitch fucj you and dont ever go back to that show or any shiw oh yea you sound like shit

  • MissHapas

    Who cares how old she is? Does it matter at the end of the day? No…

  • msbry

    Karlie don’t need to lie about her age she looks beautiful.

  • Karlie Redd is a joke. She is taking the age thing a little too serious. And she will never be a successful artist. Its too late in the game for her + she absolutely sucks!

  • This is so sad and annoying to me. People shouldn’t let the media or others opinions brainwash them to the point they lie about their ages. Own it! Be proud you’ve earned that. It should be viewed at as a sign of maturity and something to be revered not looked down on. Our society is wack sometimes!

    • meechy

      @cassl14…well said, Don’t we deal with enough pressure? ijs :0

  • Natasha

    If she has a daughter that old, she needs to cover up. Just sayin’.

  • Scream Queens 2 was filmed in 2009 whoever wrote this clearly did NOT research before they wrote this. She was 29 in 2009 so that means she is 32 now- not 40! LEARN HOW TO RESEARCH AND COUNT PEOPLE!!

    • She’s about the same age as Nicki Minaj & at least she doesn’t dress like a clown at a 7 year old’s birthday party like her SMH

    • Carne Jones

      First thing first nicki minaj is 22 i just found a wikipedia page stating that karlie redd is really 52 it also states that she was born in 1962 so you r truly saddd

    • Alana Jones

      no, first thing wikipedia is not a reliable source, anyone can post things on there u genius! second thing, why are you so hype over karlie redd anyway she’s a liar?! lol chill out and go do something that isnt pointless.

    • Please do the math!!! I was born in 1962 and I’m 50, not 52!

    • Krista Nicole

      lol Nicki is at least 30… B-Day is Dec. 8, 1982.

    • nooo nicki is 31

    • shutcho assup

      shutcho ass up biotch!!!!!!!!

  • badgirlbreeze

    she jus wana keep herself in the spotlight u want a mufucka to sit n figure out ya age who gives a damn its stupid u too old to be lying about ya age if you 40 then u 40 if u got a grown daughter own up to it damn what is the big deal !!!

  • LadyBoSs

    Whatever age Karlie Redd is she should be proud to admit it. Even if she is late thirties or early forties she looks good. So why lie keep it 100 !!!!!

  • JerkingmyDick

    Actually, she looks like she is in her 40’s, which isn’t bad. Remember that 40 is the new 20, so… that COULD be why she is lying about her age saying she is in her 20’s/

  • Jasmine

    Late 30s to 44 max. 38 to 44 is her age based on her body and face.

    • Mae Alyssa Payen


  • foevame36

    If she was 29 in 2000, that would make her around 41 now not 35 or 36

  • steve l

    I don’t give a f*&k she still fine as h#ll!!! Any man white or black would wife her fine azz!!!!

  • Roiyar

    Here Ye Here Ye the importance of knowing this information Is???????? Who the hall cares and if a person cares so much about that nonsense you have no life!!!!!! Celebrate people (or not) for who they are!!!!!! what is this obsession all bout that she cannot be relevant unless she is 20 something???? Geez people!!!!

  • rimanelli

    Shes prolly in her 30’s okay. not 40’s or 50’s…wow guys…over doing it… You have no lives, especially the person who created this post. I’m 18 and my mother is 35.. not every woman has kids in their 20’s 30’s..shut up already.

  • thecommenter

    the reality show was in 2008, if she was 29 in 2008 that only makes her 33.. relax everybody. stop dissing.

  • krenzny

    Shole aint no reason ‘t lie! Momma look good as hell. If I was 50 and looked that damn good, I’d put all on blast!

  • MaKayLa1

    Who gives a fuck!! You look good. So if your 50 and you look like you 20 thats a good thing. I would scream my age to the world!

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  • mani

    wwwwwoooooooowwwww u just had 2 lie th bible sy ye shall not LIE

  • Funny Trinny man

    Its real easy to find her age, all one has to do is get one of her cut toe nails and have it carbon dated.

  • LOL. There’s so many chicks in Hollyweird lying about their real age, it’s nothing new. There;s an old ancient (no pun intended) pact amongst them, never tell your REAL age LOL!

  • All u bitches that’s dick sucking karly need to stop

  • I don’t give afuck know no body say why is that stupid as bitch lieing about her age i don’t blame k.m for roasting her stupid as

    • Kenny ABRON


  • matt

    She was on Scream Queens 2 which aried in 2010 not the mid 2000’s. So if she was 29 in 2010 (filming began late 2009/early 2010) that would only make her about 33, not 34-36. She looks about that age. K. Michelle is a crazy bird anyway.

  • Skyy

    Who the f’ business is it anyways but hers and her man???? AND mostly who the F cares but @hit starters, haters and nosey mofo’s? When I was growing up it was a tabo and very disrespectful to ask a woman’s age and now you got grown ass people with no morals all up in other people personal and private business (your business is to either watch the show or not). JUST WAIT YOUR TURN YOU’ LL GET THERE SOON ENOUGH. And nobody else’s age is going to matter lol!!!! Dumb asses….SMH

  • Jacqueline Battle

    What is the big thing about age? Woman you should thank our God for letting live so long. Hell you are not in your 20’s, 30’s or 40″s do not need KMichelle to tell anything you can tell by the way you look and walk.

  • Zarria


  • Ginger Leigh

    Black people are so judgmental of each other. Leave this lady alone. She clearly feels insecure about her age due to the fear of being judge for starting a career so late in life. but in the same breath people will say its never too late for a new beginning. Yall are doing exactly what she was trying to avoid. being ridiculed. And its sad because this doesn’t happen amoungst black men. Only the women. They catch it from both sides. Thats why I try to stay away from African Americans because they will tear your self esteem to shreds.

    • Chris Harper

      wow,aren’t YOU being judgemental? you stay away from African Americans because you are a racist and you need an excuse. the same way i once read about a White grandma and her granddaughter were fans of Kanye. that is until the Swift incident. she said that “made” her not “like” Black people. cause Kanye was being a brat,lady?

  • Chance

    “filmed in the mid 2000?s” … How did you get your hands on footage from the 2500’s?

  • Cindafukin_rella

    I have a 17 year old son and that don’t mean I’m 40. I had him young and I’m still young. I’m sure karly redd is lyin about her age but everybody quick to jump to conclusions. U can’t do the math based on her sons age. Y’all stupid.

  • Shiquita

    I have a son 21 and a daughter 19 and I’m still not 40.. LOL I know people who have children older than mine and they have yet to reach 40. I’m not saying it’s anything to brag about but you can’t guess a person’s age based of the age of their children.

  • king

    That girl old she just paid to have work down on her face to look younger

  • molly

    bich karlie redd is a mess i think karlie a win agsint telltubby

  • nyjamaika

    Find the high school she went to.. she was on scream queen and it said she was 29.

  • Jullianna Potter

    What do you all care? Just hope you are so blessed. Unfortunately most of you junior mints look like you have been ridden hard and put up we by the time you’re 30. She is a hustler and looks fantastic. Hopefully your game and looks are tight talking so much crap. She still is competing. Are you?

  • xcusemyrudeness

    The real question is WHO CARES! I don’t care how old she is she can’t keep her mouth or her legs closed. The epitome of irrelevance!!!! She’s a hopping thot from man to man!