Have you ever seen a round peach so plump, round and juicy-looking that you couldn’t help but reach out and touch it?

Well, then you can certainly identify with 18-year-old Aaron Morris of North Lauderdale, Florida.

The Sun-Sentinel reports on Morris’ arrest after he allegedly touched a woman’s ass at a North Lauderdale Walmart.

When asked why he couldn’t keep his greasy paws to himself, Morris said:

According to the report, after his Miranda rights read, Aaron told the arresting deputy that he touched the woman’s rear end because: “Her booty looked so good, I just couldn’t resist touching it.”

She got that, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake. Make you wanna put your name on it.

We sure hope Mr. Morris enjoyed his handful of bootyliciousness, cause he had to post a $1,000 bond afterward.

The things men do for the love of a fat booty.

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