Jamie Foxx got his start as a comedic actor on the hit 90’s sketch comedy show “In Living Color,” so it’s no surprise that he was right at home while hosting “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend.

Foxx, who is currently on the promo rounds for his new movie “Django Unchained,” tended to his SNL hosting duties by starring in a number of sketches on the show as:

(1) A black Japanese student named Dante on the fake variety show “J-Pop”, (2) The host of a hostile game show called “Bitch, What’s the Answer?”, (3) The contestant on another game show called “Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney?”, (4) A rapping Ding Dong who collaborates with artists like Honey Bun and Little Debbie, and complains about playing second best to Twinkie during an appearance on “Weekend Update”, (5) A tree pimp, (6) A bailiff on a courtroom show called “Maine Justice” who, just like the judge and plaintiff, sounds like he’s straight out of the bayous of Louisiana, and (7) A former adult film star selling Swarvoski crystals on public access television.

But the best sketch (and funniest of them all) was when Jamie played Tyler Perry in a new movie starring, produced by and directed by the multifaceted filmmaker called “Alex Cross 2, Madea: Special Opps,” which saw Foxx playing Perry as both Cross and Madea in a Two Face-esque split personalities role.

Jamie also brought out rapper 2 Chainz — who, surprisingly, was big booty hoe-less — during his opening monologue, in which he declares that “Black is the new white,” using Jay-Z moving the Nets to Brooklyn, President Obama’s re-election, and his own portrayal as a white people-killing slave in “Django Unchained” as examples. “How black is that?” Foxx asked the audience several times.

And since we’re already on the subject of race, The NY Post called Jamie Foxx’s appearance on the show “refreshing” and said that he brought a new “perspective.” They also pointed out he is the first black host to appear on the show since Charles Barkley hosted in January, and before that, Gabourey Sidibe in April 2010.

Watch all of Jamie Foxx’s SNL sketches below:

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