For a song that’s all about releasing pent up energy, Britney Spears and‘s “Scream & Shout” sure is a watered down, safe experience.

Looking more like an advertisement than a music video (yes, we know most music videos do product placement to secure funding but this one seems to have nothing more to offer BUT product placement), Britney slaps on a Mufasa-like wig and pretty much stands around and poses. Robotney is on the set, y’all. is a bit more lively, and yes, it’s been ages since Britney was able to pull off moves like this in a music video:

But still, couldn’t the girl have given us a two-step or at least a basic 8 count? This is, after, all a pulse-pounding DANCE ANTHEM.

Watch the video for and Britney’s collaboration below:

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